Threads in Sheds, Farfield Mill, Cumbria



Threads in Sheds, Whitchurch Silk Mill Gallery, Hampshire



Metamorphosis, Howell Gallery, Farfield Mill, Cumbria

Scott Gallery, Hawick Museum, Hawick, Scotland



Perspective, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, Scotland



Vive la Tapisserie! French Institute, Edinburgh Scotland



Woven threads, the Stable Gallery , London



Weaving Within, The Smith Gallery and Museum, Stirling, UK



Tapestry 08, Bankfiled Museum, Halifax, UK



Fabric 2 Dye 4, Stroud House Gallery, Stroud, UK
ARTAPESTRY, Musee Jean Lurcat et de la Tapisserie Contemporaine, Angers, France



A TAPESTRY, Deutsches Textil Museum, Germany
DeptfordX, Deptford, London, UK 
ARTAPESTRY, Nordjyllands Kunst Museum, Denmark
Green House, Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Edinburgh, UK
Ida Branson Memorial Bequest Exhibition, Atkinson Gallery, Somerset, UK
What’s mine is yours, Still Gallery, Edinburgh, UK
Von Hier Bis Dahin, Akademie Gallery, Munich, Germany
Melissa Goudie-A Retrospective, Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland, UK
Group Exhibition, Royal Society of Edinburgh, UK
Royal Scottish Academy Annual show, McClellan Galleries, Glasgow, UK 
Textile Exhibtion, Gallery Maronie, Kyoto, Japan

about my work

The theme of my work is “time and memories”. 

Time and memories come into existence in relation to social surroundings and the natural 
environment. My everyday life is closely related to the people and the nature around me. 
In daily life with other people and evens, my memories are constantly increased through 
experiences such as pleasure, impression, love, competition, anger, sadness and so on. 
As a result of those experiences or feeling for the time, past, present and the future, I 
have tried to give some form to my memories by drawing.

In the process of building up my memories, weaving is a very important process for me. 
I like to weave, instead of just drawing, or using computer aided design, because I can give 
new life to the exclusive range of textures and colours of materials used in the slow process. 
With variety materials, the time and memories turn into visual and tactile tapestry. Expressive 
new mediums such as different kinds of papers and metallic fibres also fascinate me. When
the materials are interlaced with traditional materials, the weaving shows me interesting lights
and shadows from familiar mediums.

Although I love using own developed techniques to make interesting forms on my tapestry, 
I mainly apply in traditional way of “tsudure”, goblin weaving. This long lasting, historical yet 
simple technique which has been used to express intrinsic art of tapestries’ beauty may also
be used to express modern art of tapestries’ beauty. Sometimes a latent power seems to exist 
in traditional techniques. For this reason, I have applied this technique in my own work.

By feeling the time is passing, 
I keep weaving and drawing to make tangible form of “time and memories”.